15 Looks, One Fashion Show


Designer Experience: Elevate your fashion journey with this comprehensive package tailored for emerging designers. Showcase up to 15 unique looks on the runway, capture the moment with professional media coverage, and connect with industry professionals on the red carpet. Includes models, makeup, racks, and a vendor opportunity. Perfect for designers ready to make a statement.

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Step into the limelight with our exclusive Fashion Show Experience Package! Designed for aspiring designers and models, this package offers you a unique opportunity to showcase your talent at a prestigious fashion show. Your journey to fashion acclaim starts here.

Package Includes:

  1. 15 Unique Looks: Unleash your creativity with up to 15 distinct outfits, allowing you to present a diverse and captivating collection on the runway.
  2. Videos: Capture the essence of your show with professional video coverage, perfect for creating promotional content and reliving the magic of your fashion show.
  3. Photos: High-quality images that meticulously capture every detail of your collection, ideal for portfolios, marketing materials, and capturing the essence of your designs.
  4. Red Carpet Interview: Step onto the red carpet and share your inspiration and vision with our interviewers, adding a personal and engaging touch to your runway showcase.
  5. Models: Our team provides professional models who will flawlessly present your designs, ensuring a seamless and captivating presentation.
  6. Make-Up: Benefit from the expertise of our makeup artists, who will enhance the beauty of your models, perfectly complementing your collection.
  7. Racks: Convenient and organized racks for displaying your outfits backstage, ensuring that everything is readily accessible for a smooth and stress-free experience.
  8. Vendor Opportunity: Gain exposure and connect with potential buyers by selling your collection on the day of the event, expanding your reach and creating valuable business opportunities.


  • Showcase Your Vision: Present your fashion creations in front of a live audience, gaining recognition and exposure for your unique designs.
  • Professional Media Coverage: Capture the highlights of your show with professional photos and videos that can be used for promotion, portfolios, and future endeavors.
  • Red Carpet Spotlight: Share your story, inspiration, and passion on the red carpet, forging connections with fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals.
  • Vendor Opportunity: Expand your reach by offering your collection for sale at the event, opening up new business avenues and establishing your brand in the fashion world.

Perfect For:

  • Emerging Designers with a Vision
  • Fashion Innovators Ready to Make an Impact
  • Anyone Eager to Showcase Their Unique Collection

Don’t miss your chance to shine in the world of fashion. Book the Designer Experience today and step into the spotlight!

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