The Genesis of MG STYL: A Tale of Passion and Inclusivity

In 2018, the fashion world witnessed the birth of MG STYL, a visionary venture born from the shared passion of Mercy and Gloria for the vibrant universe of fashion. This dynamic duo embarked on a mission to democratize the high-profile realm of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), making it accessible to talented fashion designers and models who were hindered by financial constraints or the daunting selection processes typically associated with such prestigious events.

Historically, participating in NYFW has been a challenge for many. Models often found themselves navigating through rigorous auditions, while designers faced the daunting task of securing substantial funding to showcase their collections. Beyond the financial aspect, the time and effort required to prepare for such a grand stage were immense, with costs skyrocketing to astronomical levels.

Mercy and Gloria, understanding these barriers, decided to forge a path of inclusivity. They collaborated directly with the producers of NYFW, devising a streamlined approach that significantly eased the entry process for both models and designers. Their innovative model meant that models could bypass the stressful auditioning process, and designers were spared the overwhelming task of event logistics and financial burdens.

Under this new paradigm, models and designers are only required to present themselves, armed with their talent and creativity. A reasonable fee is charged for handling all the upfront preparations, ensuring that the focus remains on showcasing talent and artistry. This initiative by MG STYL has not only opened doors for emerging talents but has also infused fresh perspectives into the fashion industry, staying true to the essence of what Mercy and Gloria envisioned: a platform where fashion is celebrated, accessible, and inclusive for all.